Breaking Free (10/12): Misunderstood

Misunderstood What’s wrong with daring to be different Daring to think without a box Daring to live without bounds Daring to live without rules What’s wrong with listening to your heart Unafraid of getting hurt Stand the bruises and the cuts All for hanging on your gut What if I’m a risk taker What if I’m a dream-chaser Saving nothing for later Undaunted by the danger What if I refuse to be put down Let nothing bring me down Forever put my foot down And never let myself down I’m a free-spirit Always doing as I please I don’t live … Continue reading Breaking Free (10/12): Misunderstood

Breaking Free (8/12): Trapped

Trapped I wanna lift off Get off the ground I wanna take off Fly above the clouds But my wings are wet Like a fly in a web A lion in a cage I’m trapped I wanna run As fast as I can If you get outrun It’s part of the plan But my feet are heavy It’s not ordinary This feeling is scary I’m trapped Set me free Take the chains off my hands Uncuff me I’m ready for war But there’s no where to go Cause I’m trapped I wanna scream On top of my lungs Want them … Continue reading Breaking Free (8/12): Trapped

Breaking Free (6/12): Whimsical

Whimsical I’m craving freedom To express myself To live my life To be myself Not having to hide Whatever I believe Not being a fake Always trying to please I want to plait my hair Grow a huge ole afro Dress the way I think. Eat all sorts of foods Learn every instrument Play any kind of song Sing any lyric Dance to different tunes Explore, I want to travel On rivers and on land On and under seas Fly up in the air Landing here and there Not tied to one spot I want to go everywhere I want … Continue reading Breaking Free (6/12): Whimsical

Breaking Free (4/12): Nobody’s Fool

Nobody’s Fool Don’t pretend you’re interested in any of my opinions You just want to make it look like I’m involved Don’t pretend that we’re mates You are just using me as a bridge To get to what you want Everyone knows you’re self-absorbed I can see through the veil I can look through your skin Your plan is bound to fail You sure know how to scheme I can read you like a book I’m nobody’s fool Continue reading Breaking Free (4/12): Nobody’s Fool

Breaking Free (3/12): Foolish

Foolish I’ve been foolish Sacrificed my bliss for yours Buried all my dreams for yours To make yours come true Changed my whole life To change your frown into a smile I’m sick and tired of living a lie But I can’t blame you You never asked me to I’ve been foolish You wanted me when crooked You claimed that I was broken Now that you’ve fixed me you don’t look like you need me My ruin was yours to fix Your fix became my ruin My ruin became your fix You put me in a fix What you see … Continue reading Breaking Free (3/12): Foolish