Water (12/12): Last Bath

I know you must be tiredtired from all thistired of all thisjust gimme a minuteImma get the champagneyou get the candles goingjust like old timesget the tab filling you’re the most beautiful thingin this icky filthy bathroomit smelled like dude in herebut thank goodness you’re hereyou’re more beautiful than the rosesthe ones you left in the vasethat somehow managed survivethough you’d pretty much left the petals are still lovelythough a little bit droopedresigned like your expressionand so we pluck them offone after anothertogether as we chant‘I love you’‘I love you not’as we throw them on the wateras we spread them … Continue reading Water (12/12): Last Bath

Water (11/12): Flood

a flood is cominglet’s build ourselves a little arkjust for two that little ark when they doubt our loveyou’ll be the one I believeI’ll be the one you believe when the rain poursyou’ll be safe in my armsI’ll be safe in your arms when they scream in terroryour caress will calm me downmy caress will calm you down when they run for the hillsyou’ll stay still in my gripI’ll stay still in your grip when the world is coldyour warmth will keep me goingmy warmth will keep you going when everything’s been slainyou’ll be the reason I breatheI’ll be the … Continue reading Water (11/12): Flood

Water (10/12): What Are We?

Do you ever feel likethere’s a certain someone you’re withwith whom you’re neither family nor friendsneither acquaintances nor strangersneither enemies nor best friendsneither lovers nor fuckmatesyet you’re just so good together have you ever found yourself sayingsomething in the line of‘yes we talk but we’re not friends’Like if you got asked todaythat ‘what are we?’ questionyour jaw would dropnot knowing what to say there’s this arrangement whereyou’re just with someonebecause there’s something in it for youso you keep things goingbuilding things upuntil the right moment comeswhen you can start to cash in it’s like you’ve been investingin a dog for … Continue reading Water (10/12): What Are We?

Water (9/12): Boomerang

my kisses are whitewashspilled all over your mindand all the pain I’ve caused youall the hurt I’ve brought youyou just don’t seem to mind your arms your feet are tendrilswound around me completelytight enough to firmly grip meloose enough not to choke meyou cannot do without me it’s like I’ve spilled acid in youand now you’re burning from the insidesweat oozing out through your skinyour breath scaldingly hot like steamyou could burn me to third degree getting out is now a fightyou’ve trapped me in with all your mightso I won’t crush you with my weightI pin my elbows beside … Continue reading Water (9/12): Boomerang

Water (8/12): Black Eye

you are meant for meyou and I both know for sureno one else could want you as you are you do know that I’m the only onewho gives the slightest shit about youin the whole wide world that black eye you’re trying to hidebeneath all of that make upyou know that you earned it, right? it’s something I didn’t mean to doI was just looking out for youI had to do what I had to do about those scars on your skineven though you’d been misbehavingtell them we get a little bit kinky there’s a madness to my methodbut you … Continue reading Water (8/12): Black Eye

Water (7/12): Am I Ready?

Am I ready to bring you into my life?Am I ready to turn my life into our life?Am I ever gonna be fully ready? Should I feel like you’ll invade my space?Should I feel like you’ll bend my rules?Should I ever share my space? Would I have to take care of you?Would I even take care of two?Would I ever take care of you? Do you have everything I want?Do I have everything you want?Do I ever know what I want? Will I stay faithful to you?Will I remain cannon loose?Will I ever stay faithful? Am I ready to bring … Continue reading Water (7/12): Am I Ready?

Water (6/12): I Want To Fall In Love Again

I want to fall in love againNot expecting to be loved in returnRequited or unrequitedIt’s the least of my concern I want to fall in love againNot because I’m feeling lonelyI just miss how it feels to loveFor anyone I’m not needy I want to fall in love againOf myself to make a foolI want to swallow my prideI want to have something to lose I want to fall in love againMake a mortal being superhumanMake the ordinary extraordinaryMold a goddess out of a woman I want to fall in love againBecause it makes you a believerAn optimist for a … Continue reading Water (6/12): I Want To Fall In Love Again

Water (5/12): Anxious

I’m not anxious about what I’ll eatNeither I’m I about what I’ll drinkI’m not anxious about what I’ll wearBut with you I’m just in dispair And it never really happens with anyoneBut I don’t know why I get so unsureEverytime I want to talk to youI just want every word to be sure It’s like I’m walking on a wireOne wrong move and I’m tumbling downIt’s like I’m building a house of cardsOne mistake and it’s crumbling down I don’t know if you’re a blessing or a curseThe more I realize how magnificent you areAnd even more how defectless you … Continue reading Water (5/12): Anxious

Water (4/12): Room

why is the heart caged within the ribsthere’s no doubt it’s for its own goodBut we first kissed and you swallowed meand into your hepatic portal veinI stealthy sneaked my way in Imagine a tiny dark roomwith webs at the corners of it’s ceilingand a spider overworking interconnectingI am that spiderwebbing and webbing and webbing how the hell did I do you like thatlike a hen I scratch the ground for cluesthrough the memories of you all over the placelike dust in a deserted houselike dust in this deserted house I turn the taps on and I hear you sobI … Continue reading Water (4/12): Room

Water (3/12): 0ver The Moon

you’ve got me over the moondesolate on its dark sidewandering around aimlesslylike a pierced deflating balloon burdened with misplaced affectionslike litter on a beautiful beachwashing up in all directionslike angry rioters in fever pitch tell me what are the oddsthat you and I will be togetherA priest might as well marry a hookerAnd be as faithful as a rooster You can’t put out a fire with petrolthat’s what you do when you get closeI have zero self controlmyself I struggle to compose my fuel’s been burnt outmy wheels are all worn outI’m just skidding through lifehoping not to crash to … Continue reading Water (3/12): 0ver The Moon